You have questions, we have answers.
  • Does my business need a website?

    Only if you want more clients and revenue. The internet is a game changer--especially for small businesses. It offers companies and organizations of all sizes the same opportunity to reach a global market. A website allows you to share your services or products with millions of people who might otherwise never have known about you. 

    Contact us with all your questions about how high-quality, affordable website design can benefit your business. 
  • Can Logicmaze build the right website for my business?

    Absolutely! We have assembled a talented team with strong design and programming capabilities to meet our clients' needs. Our team has developed websites and other marketing materials for clients in education, industry, manufacturing, retail, banking, health care, non-profit, politics, and entertainment. 

    If it can be done, LogicMaze can do it. Whether you want a splash page, an e-commerce site, or a website with complex applications, LogicMaze can develop a site that makes your company stand out. Check out our work to see for yourself.
  • How long does website design take? Can LogicMaze build my site in a week?

    The time required to develop your website depends on its complexity. We complete most website design projects in 6-8 weeks. Have a tighter deadline in mind? We'll do our best to meet it. The biggest delay we encounter is waiting for content from the client. If you already have all the text and images you need for your website, you could be up and running in a jiffy. 
  • How much will it cost for LogicMaze web design and development services?

    Much like custom built homes have a wide range of values, the cost of your website will vary according to its features. There are many factors to consider in pricing--including size, interactivity, and complexity of graphic design. 

    Do you want a straight html site? A database-driven site? Do you need an event calendar, gallery, or online forms on your website? What about a Content Management System? Overwhelmed by your options?! Don't be. We can help you decide all of that. 

    LogicMaze has built websites ranging from $3,000 to $30,000. Hit us up for a free consultation and we will do our best to develop a high quality website that fits your budget.
  • Will you design my website to be search engine friendly?

    Yes. Having a website doesn't do much good if it doesn't come up in organic searches. LogicMaze custom sites come equipped with basic SEO features--meta keywords, meta descriptions, page titles, headings, alt tags, and content relevant keywords and keyword phrases. 

    LogicMaze will also help you develop sustainable ways to keep your website content fresh. From designing a company blog, to advising on which social platforms you need to have a company presence, we set your website up for SEO success.
  • I have a website, but it's old and ugly. Can you redesign my existing website?

    Yep! We can offer a redesign that retains your current branding, or design a completely new look. 

    The average lifespan of a website is about 2-4 years. Is yours older than that?  Stale sites can push potential clients away. Even if your website is working fine, it doesn't mean you are taking full advantage of the latest web technologies. It's a good idea to reevaluate your site design frequently. If it's a been a few years since you've made design changes to your site, your website is past due for an overhaul.

    Contact us and we will provide you a consultation for website redesign at no cost to you.
  • Can you help me with social media?

    LogicMaze develops social media campaigns that enable you to engage with current and potential clients on the most popular platforms. With an exponentially growing number of users and social media becoming an increasingly important piece of the SEO puzzle, we recognize the importance of social media and we help our clients use it effectively. 
  • Can LogicMaze help me with domain purchase and hosting too?

    LogicMaze can handle all aspects of your online presence. We'll assist you with finding and securing the right name for your site. After your site is built, we'd love to have it sit on our servers.  Already have a site on  someone else's servers? That's ok. You can leave it there, or we'd be happy to transfer it to our secure, fast and reliable servers.  There are a host (ha!) of reasons to use LogicMaze for your website hosting needs. 
  • Ok, you convinced me. I want LogicMaze to design my website. Where do we start?

    Awesome. Contact us and our project manager will send you a pre-design checklist to complete. This will give us an idea of your design style and the features you want on your website. Prefer to meet in person? That's cool. We can set up a meeting to chat about your marketing direction.
  • Who owns the website once LogicMaze designs it?

    The website belongs to you. If you decide at any time that you want to transfer to another web design or web hosting company, you are free to do so. We might shed a tear or two, but we'll let you go.
  • Does LogicMaze help me with marketing needs outside of the web?

    As a marketing communications and web development firm that has provided services to businesses and organizations throughout the State of Kansas and other parts of the country for over ten years, LogicMaze is highly qualified to assist you in developing a brand and printed collateral of which you can be proud. Our graphic design experts can do it all!